Finance Newsletter – March 2012

Good news for all borrowers – the banks have broken up with the Reserve Bank.

This means if you look around you are likely to find a better rate than you currently have.

Use this opportunity to speak with a mortgage broker to ensure your bank is looking after you and that you have the best loan for your circumstances.

Some banks are  currently offering great discounts on home and investment loans. Fixed and variable.

If you think rates are going up, (the last independent move by the banks was up) then consider fixing. You can fix for 1-3 years at a lower rate then you currently have. So if rates do go up you will save even more.

A great fixed  rate is available from ANZ.  You can get a fixed rate of 5.99% for 3 years. Compare that with your bank’s current offering? There are many benefits of using a mortgage broker and our services are provided to the borrower free of charge.

Call Dan Goodridge on 0414 423 340 or e-mail at Mercia Finance for obligation free finance information.

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